What is eHUB

eHUB is a network powered by the entrepreneurial community of Alberta. It is a physical space at the University of Alberta where students are connected through ideas, goals and visions. Its a venue where collaboration is championed and seed fund comes from sweat, hard work, commitment and diligence. eHUB is a cluster of passionate people that seek to innovate and focus on value creation. eHUB is about love, excitement and market leadership.

eHUB entrepreneurs are gritty, fearless dreamers and resilient. Most of our students are busy with their school work but they are also energized by the idea of being part of leadership teams cofounding companies and commercializing new innovations. 

If you have an idea or if you want to be part of a startup team, we encourage you to come by eHUB. This is the fertile space on campus where we work tirelessly to support transformation of your ideas into exciting new opportunities.

eHUB Pictures :

(Source: Edmonton Journal)

At any given time, We can accommodate 50+ entrepreneurs to work on their startup projects in the eHUB.

Our spacious work space is highly conducive for University of Alberta entrepreneurs to work on collaborative projects.

With comfortable work spaces, eHUB offers University of Alberta entrepreneurs a place to build their new startups.